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Candidate Denver Cook

My wife Michelle and I, like so many families, chose to move for the picture of St Johns County. We believed in its reputation for having the best schools, wonderful neighborhoods, and reputation for the highest quality of life in Florida and would be the best place for our children,

It did not take long before the reality of the challenges facing St Johns County as a whole, and more importantly, St Johns County School District became clear.  With one of the fastest growing communities in the country there are inherently challenges, but these have been compounded by existing challenges, increasing the complexity for resolution. Over the past 5 years I have dedicated myself identifying these challenges and have worked with the families, providers and government in an attempt develop and improve how we address the challenges.

Serving as past Vice-Chair of the St Johns County Juvenile Justice Council Advisory Committee, as Chairman of PACT Prevention Coalition, on PTO and SAC Boards for PVPV-Rawlings and Ocean Palms Elementary, coordinating Nocatee Community Resource Days in 2016 and 2017, and leading numerous community town halls, I have become too familiar with the ongoing challenges faced by the district. More importantly, I have learned who we are as a community, as neighbors and learned intimately about the challenges OUR families and OUR children face educationally, emotionally and socially..

I know the true strength of St Johns County Education lies in the dedication and commitment of the Parents and Students, and it is you who must be the focus of the School Board. We no longer need a School Board functioning as a cheerleader past success, we must have a board who fights to solve the challenges of the future. We cannot accept a School Board that lays difficult challenges at the feet of Tallahassee, asking them for solutions. We must demand and should expect a School board that develop solutions.

I have been working on behalf of all our kids for a long time, and as your School Board Representative, I will continue to fight every day on behalf of your child. I will ensure they receive the not just the best educational opportunities, but education that exceed State expectation providing the pathways to the  successful lives they deserve. I will not just accept and support a state lead system developed for growth in testing.

It is time for change to we apply EVERY tool available for our children. It is not enough to just to build larger and larger K-8’s to reduce the cost of student stations, our kids deserve better. As your next School Board Representative, I will not only be your families voice,I will be your families advocate.